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Lentil Salad with Roast Squash and Babaganoush


At first things started really simply, I was going to do a post on roasted squash. It is the right time of year, and I personally can’t get enough right now (what tomatoes?). But then, pomegranates are suddenly here too. They have joined the morning cereal, and I have rogue red splatter all over the kitchen. And what about all of those warming spices as it gets chillier outside? Roast squash quickly became a part of a recipe instead of the recipe itself because apparently it’s been an inspiring week for my food brain.


We are in the Eastern Mediterranean this week, mostly because I was cleaning out my cookbooks last week and my Ottolenghi book, Plenty is now in my line of vision every day. You know the one with the eggplant and pomegranate seeds on the cover? This book is so full of some of the best food porn, I rarely get past the pictures. So, a bit of Ottolenghi/Vancouver fusion is the result. Don’t worry, it tastes good.