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Smashed & Marinated Asian Cucumbers

Smashed, Marinated Asian Cucumbers

These cucumbers have been following me. A friend of mine posted a version on Instagram, which started my internal obsession, while another friend has been giving me the weekly heads up about mini cukes at our local Farmer’s market. I guess we all need some cooling down (one of cucumber’s finer talents).

Smashed, Marinated Asian Cucumbers

One of my fave foodie mags, Bon Appétit is also on the cucumber train. They had a version of these cucumbers in a recent issue that caught my eye and got me excited. I love it when people are bold enough to colour outside the lines and throw caution to the wind (even if it’s in a safe, food-related way). Any time you can trade in fancy knife skills for the side of your rolling pin and call it fancy, I am SO in.