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BLT Wedge Salad

Vegan BLT Wedge Salad

Yes, the B stands for bacon, but it’s not real bacon (it looks like it though, doesn’t it!?) It’s sneaky, equally addictive bacon made from portobello mushrooms and some fancy spice work.

Vegan Bacon

Now that we have that out of the way, hello! I was thinking about BLT sandwiches last week, and really just how great they are. Salty, crisp bacon, creamy mayo, tart/sweet tomato, fresh lettuce –a classic combo of greatness.


Baked Beans

There is something about the shorter days that make this one pot meal veeeery appealing. It’s pretty magical that you can put a pot of ingredients into the oven, looking and tasting one way, and pull it out HOURS later totally transformed. Like all of the best fall/winter food, you put it in the oven before the sun goes down, and enjoy it in the chilly, premature darkness.


Baked beans are a favourite of mine. They were always a made from scratch, once in a while, special occasion food in my family. It wasn’t until I did some traveling through the UK (and other places where British people travel) that I realized that some people ate baked beans…..every day. And often for breakfast.


Beans on toast?! A totally brilliant textural contrast, I totally get it. Although, an even better combo, especially if you’re into feeding your body blood-cleaning chlorophyll and antioxidants: beans with greens. Still texturally contrasting, but you also get the deeply cooked beans heat and flavour with the fresh, enzyme-rich, lemony-ness of the greens. Any fresh green will do, simply toss with some lemon juice.