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Vegan Shakshuka with Roasted Turnip & Green Chickpea Pancakes

Vegan Shakshouka with Green Chickpea Pancakes

A dish called ‘shakshuka’ has been filling my social media feed lately. It’s becoming more common in local brunch spots, which I think is cool because it’s a veg-focused option that isn’t covered in maple syrup or wrapped in bacon but has big flavour and is totally beige-free (why do traditional breakfast-y foods often lack colour?).

Vegan Shakshouka with Green ChickpeaPancakes

I was teaching a cooking class the other night and one of the (awesome) cooks in the catering department where I work had made this for staff meal. I had already eaten (I always eat before I teach or else my brain stops working partway through class), so I was going to say no thank you until he put it down in front of me and I realized that it was all of my favourite things.