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Avocado ‘Hollandaise’ with Black Garlic & Roasted Asparagus

Avocado Hollandaise with Black Garlic

Hollandaise still gives me anxiety. It takes me back to cooking school when it was always part of the practical exam and later to high end restaurants, where we had to keep it warm, but not too warm or it would split and you’d have to make it again mid-service, which was far from ideal. High food cost, chef scowls, rapid heartbeats -hollandaise-fear was a real thing, even once it became second nature. I still have hollandaise-mares.

Avocado Hollandaise with Black Garlic and Roasted Asparagus

My version of it is much more laid back, and frankly, suits my personality way better. It is totally plant-based, no eggs betting against you, and your biggest stressor will be adding the acids in time to the avocado once you cut it open so that it doesn’t oxidize. That’s not really stress though, just life.