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Veggie Sushi Bowl

Veggie Donburi

This is the donburi I wish I could order in a Japanese restaurant. Sushi, at least in Vancouver, no longer means you have to order all you can eat farmed salmon and mercury-heavy tuna rolls (thank goodness). There are plenty of veg options (that contain actual vegetables) but the surprise tempura batter and probable GMO soy sauce still forces (inspires?) the re-creation of wistful dream orders at home (eg -our recipe for sugar-free Kale Gomae).

Veggie Donburi

Unlike when you eat sushi, this style of bowl encourages you to fill up on the veggies before you fill up on the rice. So in true crushing cancer form, the veggies become the priority and we treat the rest like the ‘garnish’.


Broccoli Caesar Salad

When I tell people what I do (if and when I elaborate past ‘Personal Chef’) I get some very mixed reactions. Sometimes it’s a conversation ender, many people tell me personal stories about cancer in their life, but for the most part, people tend to ask questions about the style of food I make. More than once I have been asked if I spend my days making broccoli salad.

Vegan Broccoli Caesar Salad

In general the answer to that is no, each client has their own personalized eating plan that changes from one day to the next depending on the unpredictability of cancer treatment feelings. However, today the answer is yes, I am all about the broccoli salad.

Broccoli, the tree-like vegetable, all green and low glycemic, a proud member of the crushing cancer mafia family, Crucifer, is a bit of an anticancer stereotype, I get it. But if you really think about it, when was the last time you ate broccoli that wasn’t all wrapped up in Asian noodles? When was the last time you ate it in a ‘if there was no broccoli, this dish couldn’t happen’ kind of a way?

Vegan Broccoli Caesar Salad (more…)