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Broccoli Pesto (with Roasted Sunchokes)

Broccoli Pesto with Roasted Sunchokes

You guys are going to like this one. It’s pretty straightforward, super versatile, includes the easy to find and affordable cancer crusher, broccoli, tastes delicious (even if broccoli doesn’t get you excited) and you just buzz it all up in your food processor.

Broccoli Pesto with Roasted Sunchokes

It’s broccoli pesto, and it will add green life to all things. I was originally inspired by a rapini pesto that (famous Chef) April Bloomfield rolled up into buns. Like cinnamon buns but with rapini pesto instead of the cinnamon/sugar, can you picture it? I think it was on Mind of a Chef, (or maybe Chef’s Table? Something Netflix-y. I should really remember this). Regardless, doesn’t that sound good? It sure looked good.