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Warm Macadamia Nut Bagna Cauda (the best veggie sauce)

Vegan Bagna Cauda

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of helping out an inspiring Montreal Chef with a dinner he put on as part of a tour for his cookbook. We made a bunch of really beautiful food that was creative, exciting and rustic all at the same time. It was the way that he served his veg that knocked my socks off though.

Vegan Bagna Cauda

Usually (often, anyway) vegetables are a bit of an afterthought in the fancy cooking world. When you try to order vegetarian in nicer restaurants, you often wind up with pasta or risotto and not a lot of actual vegetables (trying to order vegan can be even sadder). Things are changing though, and not only are awesome plant-based restaurants popping up everywhere, but non-plant-focused Chefs seem to be embracing actual vegetables in a way that you definitely wouldn’t have seen 7-10 years ago.