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Plant-based Chile Relleno

Vegan Chile Relleno

On Cinco de Mayo this year, my husband and I arrived at a ski resort in California where we were hoping to do some forest-y hiking (I packed only shorts to hike in because California, right?). It was snowing, we were literally the only humans there and as we were driving in, the local radio station was explaining in great detail what not to do (with no mention of what to do) when (not if) you come into contact with a mountain lion.

Vegan Chile Relleno

This may seem very asparagus princess naïve of me, but we’re from BC and are used to the ski resorts that don’t have off seasons, just times when the skiing and mountain biking cross over, the local hikes are so heavily populated that unless you go deep woods, the wildlife usually know how to not put a human between themselves and their babies, and if you pack wrong, you can probably find yourself a touristy hoodie or toque to make up for it.