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High Fiber ‘Jam’ (& Thumbprint Cookies!)

High Fiber Thumbprint Cookies

Whether your digestion is on the sluggish side thanks to painkillers or chemo drugs or whether you’re pregnant and your digestion has become a shadow of its former self, this jam is here to the rescue.

High Fiber JamHigh Fiber Jam

Lovingly referred to as poo jam in my family, this is always on the menu for my cancer thriving clients (and was a staple in my house throughout my pregnancy). Sometimes I even make it for fun, just because it tastes so good (it reminds me of fig newtons).


Red & Black Velvet Brownies

Red Velvet Black Bean Brownies

I’ve never thought of Valentine’s Day as a particularly romantic holiday. Thanks to TV and Archie comics, I knew that it was supposed to be, but that’s not ever how it’s seemed to me. I think it’s because we celebrated it as a family my whole life, even back when boys were gross.

Red Velvet Black Bean BrowniesRed Velvet Black Bean Brownies

It represented love for sure, we all loved each other and had a special dinner together that night (fondue, most likely) (have I mentioned how much my Mom ruled?) and my Stepdad would bring us all home chocolate and cinnamon hearts. So it has always meant love and chocolate, not too far off what Hallmark is telling us, but I kind of love it.


Spiced Pear Baked Steel-cut Oatmeal

Spiced Pear Baked Steel-cut Oatmeal

I know I’ve mentioned it here before, but I don’t have the warmest feelings towards traditional oatmeal. I think it is because I was ruined by those instant packs as a kid. You know, the ones you rip open, pour into a bowl, observe with excitement all of the sugar mixed in with the oats and add tepid water to? Bonus points if there were pictures of cute animals on the pouches.

As a semi-adult making my own oatmeal and realizing how much actual sugar I needed to add to make it taste like the stuff I was familiar with was sort of embarrassing and so I just lay off it altogether.

Spiced Pear Baked Steel-cut Oatmeal

My husband loves it though and will order it any time we go out for breakfast and even make it when he’s feeling inspired. So when we went surfing a few months ago (baby belly and I were surf-watching/walking/reading), I knew we were staying in a place with a questionable kitchen situation (a kettle) so I decided to try something. I filled a big mason jar with instant (not ideal) oats, chia, hemp hearts, dried fruit and lots of warming spices (as seen in this recipe) and shook it up.


Shaved Brussels Sprouts & Pomegranate Salad

This is possibly one of the simplest Holiday recipes you will stumble across this season. For this reason, even if you already have your Christmas menu planned (and definitely, if you are still working on it), you should check this out.

Unlike most Holiday food, this is not rich and decadent. It’s not meant to give you a comfort food hangover or that love/hate feeling where it was just so good going down and now you don’t want to see it again until next year. (You may even want to make this a weekly habit over the winter).